Ir yra gi linksmų žmonių pasaulyje

Thank you for calling the Clinical Response Automated Patient-line. Your call is important to us and may be recorded for training purposes and for future improvements to the CRAP service.

Currently all our nurses are busy in the day room eating chocolates and watching EastEnders but please hold the line and you will shortly be transferred to our Special Hotline Inquiry Telephone.

Welcome to S-H-I-T. Please listen to the following options…

  • If you’re calling to request a bottle please press 1 followed by slash.
  • If you require a bedpan please press Number 2.
  • If you’re in pain and require analgesics please press 3 and scream very loudly.
  • If you’re feeling depressed, for goodness’ sake press 4 and pull yourself together.
  • If you wish to complain about the food… don’t! or we’ll spit in your soup.
  • If you feel really unwell press the emergency button and we’ll pop in as soon as EastEnders is over.

Thank you for calling the SHIT service. Have a nice stay and do call again.

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